By | June 10, 2020

french drain

Is there is water everywhere around your house? Well, you need to install a French drain which is a plastic pipe in stones filled trench for removing that extra drain water. Water leakage has become a common issue in oakville. Several owners complain of swamps or lakes forming in lawns. Due to these issues, there are chances of several problems to arise like water leakage into the house, foundation crumbling around the house, and disease spread in the lawn. Apart from these, the entire lawn would look less useful and awful because of drain leakage. Check out how to solve the issue by using French drainpipe. Surely, you will find our review and instructions useful.

Before hauling in dirt or beginning to excavate a trench to level the ground, it is necessary to determine the exact drainage issue you are experiencing. Remember, there are three basic types of drainage problems that arise in turf regions. They are a small flowing river, swampy kind of ground, and water amassing into the small lake.

Flowing river: It is caused due to several reasons. It is mostly caused due to the combination of two issues- swampy ground and lake forming. When you fix any of these two issues or both issues, the flowing river will automatically go away. French drains and catch basins are the best options for these issues and it mostly depends on other situations.

Swampy ground: It mostly occurs as you walk along the ground and suddenly water fills up the yard and your shoes. It can usually last for several days and happens mostly after the rainstorm. The water develops and stays in the ground for several reasons like when the ground consists of sufficient clay, super compact, angled differently, and several other things. It is recommended to solve this swampy ground issue by installing drywells and French drains.

Lake forming: It is the main issue mostly when it is developed by downspouts forming near the house. Before starting to rectify the issue, you have to first determine the main cause of this issue. It is possible to solve this issue by utilizing one to two methods. The first method is to develop dirt close to the house to clear the water completely. The second method is to install solid tubing and catch basins. The catch basin is setup to accumulate entire raindrops from the downspouts. It is then linked to solid tubing or French drain.

The French drain transfers the water to an emitter so that the entire water is pushed to the catch basin or the street.

What is the French drain?
Generally, water follows the least resistance pathway and the French drain follows that path. It is a trench excavated in the ground where the perforated tube is installed and later filled with loose rocks or gravel. The main function of the French drain is to collect water from wet regions and scatter into dry places. The perforated tubing and loose gravel help in facilitating the water movement. When there is too much water in the yard, it results in the swampy region. The French drain transfers the water and spreads it to rectify the issue.

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