By | August 1, 2020

In recent years, the podcast is not only used for listening to music but also to perform several online searches. It is an excellent platform for improving brand awareness and developing a better association with your audience. By having a sales funnel website, you can take a podcast from a non-existent and virtually unknown to a highly popular and saturated piece. When you pair the sales funnel website with podcasts, you can bring a huge audience and also enhance your bottom line. Are you thinking of creating a sales funnel website with John Lee Dumas? Well, we should review the sales funnel in detail to get a clear idea.

Sales funnel and its key constituents

  • Prospecting: It is the beginning lead generation stage where you have to search for the right clients and opportunities.
  • Cultivating: Uncovering the client’s requirements by developing deeper relationships particularly by email follow-up order.
  • Positioning: Showcasing your value, ensuring to mention the bad and good, and also include few testimonials.
  • Closing: It is the final step where you have to explain the solution after developing the leads by following the above steps.

How could podcast creators make use of sales funnel?

  • If you have successfully executed the sales funnel, you can easily grow your audience. You will be seen as an experienced voice in that specific niche. It comes with perks of increased revenue.
  • An email list- It will permit you to get more data about your potential audience.
  • Later, you can use the same email list to develop your connection and increase interest.
  • The connection may even purchase products and assist you in creating a sustainable business.

Tips to develop a sales funnel website

Begin with the end objective in mind: One of the important points in developing a sales funnel – to understand and know what you are selling. It is impossible and hard if you move the audience in the direction of an undefined and vague goal. What to do if you are not selling any particular service or product with the podcast? Apart from the podcast topic, you have to influence spectators to take the best action. In simple words, you should make them listen to you and keep listening. After you determine the niche and the action you want them to take, you have to design a sales funnel to assist in accomplishing the end goal.

Create your website: You need to develop a website so that your audience can access your content. Clickfunnels is the best software that assists you in creating the best sale funnel website. You have to select from the existing templates, customize as per your requirement and thus, you can create a website fast.

Remember, the home page should be free from clutter, displaying the podcast and title with a clear explanation of the episode.

Pairing the podcast with your website is an excellent investment you should make. It helps in growing and reaching your potential audience. If you are creating podcasts for the first time, you have to select topics that you know well or passionate about.

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