By | May 18, 2020

Free SEO Tools

It is awesome to use free tools. If the free tools are offering extra traffic, riches, reputation, rank, money, etc. it is 100% worth to use. There are numerous free SEO tools on the internet. But, some of the free tools do not work as per your expectation and they are junk. In this blog, let us review some of the best and free SEO tools that are powerful, effective, slick, and intuitive.

Google search console: Google search console is something equal to food for SEO professionals. It is not only for webmasters but also for SEOs. The tools assist with optimization and search. Marketers and SEOs have to check the dashboard regularly to evaluate website performance. Google search console offers the same information straightforwardly and simply. You do not have to work with the number but you can easily access and understand them. If your task is to deal with regular stubborn spam links or a dreaded manual penalty, by utilizing Google Search Console, you can sort out the issues. It is an indispensable SEO tool. If you know the tool’s value, you would start to use it more and more.

Google analytics: It is almost like air for the SEOs. They cannot live without Google Analytics. If you have not started to utilize Google Analytics, then you should think about using it as early as possible. It is popular for offering detailed and high-quality information. In the present Google dominated period, it is important to focus on those. There is no way to refuse Google Analytics. It offers entire important and actionable information about traffic, site visitors, etc.

Woorank: When you look at Woorank, it may look like another free website analyzer. But when you inspect closely, it offers handy information and about not-so-obvious things. With Woorank, it is possible to analyze a website and get a report in a few seconds. It showcases the top priorities section. Social shareability is a useful section of this tool. It is popular for its interface, amount of data, and ease. The only disadvantage in this tool is it does not offer accurate data all the time.

Seed Keywords: If you are looking for fresh keyword ideas, SEED keywords serve as an excellent tool. It works the same other keyword tools function. You just have to enter the keyword in the SEED tool. Within a few seconds, you can see a list of closely associated keywords. The only issue in this tool is most people type and look out for the same keywords. It is recommended to ask your clients how they search you in the search engine. Get those keywords and type in the SEED tool.

SEMRush: It is the latest SEO tool with a lot of cool features. It comes in both a free and paid version. Both work the same, so you do not have to worry about not using the paid version. It helps in finding exact keywords your competitor’s ranks for. When you just enter a keyword, you can easily see more than 78, 000 keywords.

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